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Does Regaine Work

Though no one is sure exactly how minoxidil works, it is thought that it allows more oxygen and nutrients to get to the follicles where the hair grows. I read this a lot on hair loss forums: Every day that you delay starting Propecia/Regaine is another day of lost- hair forever. ” James D Post author inhouse pharmacy europe May 6, 2014. However, using it for beards and in women is not necessarily safe or effective. Regaine for men solution and foam both contain the active ingredient minoxidil 5%. Regaine Extra Strength is a higher strength version of minoxidil and has a slightly better effect. It is widely used by. Others were concerned about the propane, butane, and alcohol in Women’s Rogaine. In a hair graft, does regaine work surgery is used to take hair from the back of the scalp. It’s US equivalent is as Rogaine who were the first to patent the formula. After a few years of testing, the Food and Drug Administration approved minoxidil under the trade name “Rogaine” for treating hair loss in. Minoxidil is a treatment that not only stops hair loss but also builds a good environment for hair to regrow. Because it does not require doctor on line a prescription, it is available from many high street pharmacies. Scientists aren't entirely sure.

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